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Sustaining a Vision in Changing Times

Hello Friends,

When certain life events occur, they certainly shape how we perceive of this fragile world and how we live in it. However, For those who have Vision, they leverage these seismic shifts and flourish along the way. Also, as visionaries manage and navigate through the turbulence of time, the growth they garner allows their Vision to blossom. Today, I am excited to introduce one to you all.

But first, let me send my condolences to all those who have lost their loved ones to Covid-19! My prayers and thoughts go out to those who are currently battling with this lethal virus. I hope that we can all continue to stay safe and healthy as various institutions work hard to find a vaccine and a way forward.

Many including myself agree that when certain events related to the social, political, security, or healthcare crisis like this erupt, they change the way the world operates. For example, while September 11, 2001 introduced us to terrorism, 2020 has ushered us into a Global Healthcare predicament.

Yet still, these worldwide changes keep cementing the reason why in 2010, I founded NileBridge International. With each tragic event, International travel regulations change. Even as the movement of people from one country to another will probably never stop, immigration policies on the other hand are more likely to continue shifting.

This is why the Vision of NileBridge International is to position ourselves as the number one go-to company for global advisory services. These include consultancy on how the Complex U.S. System works. We offer sound advice on how people from other nations can visit, tour, work, study or live in the U.S. legally and productively.

We therefore continue to invite all people around the world regardless of their backgrounds to partner with us as we develop this initiative. Together, we join hands and brains to address the changing regulations of international travel. Our clients appreciate how we break down the adaptive challenges they may face as well as the various opportunities of living abroad in a country like the U.S.

Meanwhile, despite the looming disruption of the Coronavirus, my break from blogging has been rewarding in several ways. One, I chose to spend time with my son Israel Kukiriza Nkugwa the Third. He is now 2 years old. He is at that stage where he will do something so cute, you love him, or do another so annoying, you don't know what to do with him. I tell you, Izzy as we call him, is so much fun!

Children have a way of reminding many of us of how we might have acted when we were younger. I envision my kids as well as their peers who live in the diaspora, growing up safely, well equipped and ready to navigate the complex systems of this world.

Martin Ssesanga DIPM, MCIM, MBA

Second, allow me to introduce Martin Ssesanga a Global Security and HealthCare Expert. Martin has joined NileBridge International as our new Global Marketing and Business Officer. I am also excited to announce that Martin is the proud Author of his debut book:

In June of 2019, Martin approached me to discuss my concept at Nilebridge International. I perceived right away that this man understood my Vision. I also found out that he had a Vision of his own he wanted to unleash. Our poignant discussions led him to suggest that I edit parts of his book.

I had the honor of providing the editorial review featured on Page (i). In a nutshell, the theme of his book captures King Solomon’s Proverbs chapter 29 and verse 18 which says that “Without a Vision, the People Perish…”

You can find Martin's book on Amazon, and Barnes and Noble. This is a great read especially during these changing times. It is a brilliant mélange of story-telling and application of life’s principles. It will cast insights for anyone who needs more than a pair of eyes to imagine and visualize the impossible as absolutely possible.

As well, our NileBridge International Team will appreciate your support when you buy Martin's book. This is our Organization's first baby project to saturate the Global Market. We are so excited to use the proceeds to lift others and advance the social good around the world.

Finally, I encourage you all to register and become part of the Nilebridge International family. You can also like and follow us on our Facebook Page

and other social media platforms.

Once again, Thank you so much for your support and we encourage you to stay safe and healthy during the current pandemic. #Covid-19.

Stories that humanize us-Stories which are affected by the social, political cultural, economic, and psychological winds-How does one navigate through and be triumphant?-How can we use our  stories to inspire and transform others? 

This is the NileBridge International Way. Welcome to our Blogosphere! Enjoy the blogs and feel free to leave a comment or even challenge a view. 

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