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The Kitchen Table talk (KTT) Advocacy for Global Citizenship

What does it mean to be a citizen of the world? Listen to Hugh Evans the CEO of Global Citizen | TED Talks |

  • Children and Teenagers appreciate and become more aware of the need to learn about other cultures and countries since they may someday visit or move over there for vacations, safaris, as expatriates, foreign exchange students, missionary or military volunteers.

  • They ask questions about anything foreign. There is no stupid or irrelevant question.

  • The representative teaches something new about his or her culture. KTT is an interactive environment where every one is free to participate.

The Kitchen Table Talk is an International Cultural Exchange Program designed for families living in the United States including American homes, foster homes and other people from other countries living in the U.S.(Diaspora Families) The objective is to raise awareness about what is happening outside their home, on social media, and outside the USA.

How do those events or images affect the children and their trajectory?  We lightly talk about foreign culture, politics, economics, education, poverty and how all these affect their personal and economic development. Other topics like suicide, drunk driving, and life styles are carefully included. 


One of our popular tools is music. For example, we explain race relations in the context of how black notes and white notes relate on the piano to produce a beautiful melody. Like wise, on any instrument, minor chords relate very well with major chords. There is a big lesson to learn about human interactions regardless of race, status or background using the simple analogy of the "Black Notes-White Notes Theory." 

Other tools may include open discussions and debates about how to approach life as a youth in this 21st century era of social media and cyberbullying.  


  • Children, teenagers, parents, guardians, foster parents or chaperons invite a Representative from NileBridge International to come into their homes and share their international culture with them.

  • The format is a Kitchen Table over a shared meal where every one seats and dialogues with each other about what's happening outside the USA and how it impacts them today or in the Future.

  • KTT also uses various tools such as Music or Sports to engage the youths.

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