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make the case for cultural identity among children of immigrant parents living in the diaspora. I presented the concept among the BBNAC participants, parents in the diaspora and special delegates from the Kingdom of Buganda. I also introduced to the convention, Mr. Solomon Jagwe, a 3D animator and the creator of “The Adventures of Nkoza and Nankya.” He was able to demonstrate the relationship between language and cartoons as artistic tools to cultivate the children's interest.


One of the objectives of NileBridge International is to promote educational content among groups of innovative people serving all our children in the Diaspora. NileBridge International seeks to provide platforms where those who have products like Luganda books, Apps with Educational Content, internet Videos, DVDs, Cds and other online tools can make their case in the Ugandan Diaspora/marketplace. NileBridge International's ultimate goal is to see that every home in the diaspora of all Ugandan immigrants and other Ugandan expatriates can access content with fun games, stories, poems and songs straight from the children's cultural and geographical settings.


In the coming days, NileBridge International will unveil its own "Three Dimensional Approach" to cultivating and maintaining a cultural identity among all children living in the Diaspora. The ultimate goal is to transform how children consume this educational material using cartoon characters which speak in their parents' Luganda Language from Uganda, East Africa. In the future, as content is developed to contain other languages, it will be available to other families including those from other African and South American countries who live in the diaspora.


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Preserving Cultural Identity Among Children of Parents Living in the Diaspora: A BBNAC Debut Launch-May 30, 2017

Dear friends and colleagues, on the 23 of April 2017, I published a concept paper about strategies on how to preserve cultural identity among all children of parents from other countries living in the diaspora. Please visit my Blogosphere and refresh yourself on this concept at


Last Memorial Day weekend, at the Buganda Bumu North American Convention 2017 (BBNAC), I launched my company NileBridge International. As an advocate for Children and Immigrants, my first premier project was to

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