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Interpretation of research and data based information useful in managing our International Students’ Academic Careers (ISAC) while in the U.S.


​We organize students’ college application packages and guide them through the process up to admission


We advise and guide international students on their choice of schools, colleges or universities in any region of the U.S.


We provide inside academic information which even the average American student may not be aware of

Prospective Students or their sponsors around the world can subscribe to register through

our online payment system


Our student clients gain access to our ISAC training tools and other advisory materials all accessible on our website


While U.S. Academic Institutions have their own academic advisors, NileBridge International will provide in depth advice sessions to all our student clients on how to choose classes strategically so they can save time and money in the long run


Through subscription to various packages, we can continue to monitor, advise and shape decisions and choice of actions throughout a student’s academic career up to post-graduation

We explain clearly the student’s financial obligations and specific deadlines.


Our International Student clients will be able to access and use our EKA Tool Kit (International Student’s Edition)


NileBridge International will prepare a post evaluation report about the entire International Student's Career experiences. This is for the graduate's own record and or their sponsors.


Each Student who uses our ISAC Management System successfully will receive a certificate of completion called the  NileBridge International Seal of Accomplishment


Students who demonstrate excellence in utilizing the ISAC Management System will receive

            “The NileBridge International Excellence Award”

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