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As Founder and Senior Organizer of NileBridge International, Solomon's mission is to provide sound advisory services on how the complex U.S. system works. He hopes that as clients around the world access his well-designed tools, they will understand and appreciate the ever-changing realities of International Travel, Investment Climate, Immigration, and the related Legal Obligations, Challenges as well as Opportunities of living abroad especially in a nation like the U.S. His conviction is traced back to his early upbringing in Uganda.


Like any child who grew up during the era of military regimes in African Nations, Solomon is one of the few who survived the dictatorial rule of Idi Amin. At only 5 years old, Solomon's father was killed by Idi Amin's Henchmen. He narrowly survived the civil war of Uganda. Solomon was an active youth leader and community organizer at his village, High School, and Church. He focused on teaching the youths, personal responsibility, and development, the value of Education and work ethic. He started developing his vision while leading the African Children’s Choir on a two-year world tour. He documented his observations and experiences while traveling extensively across the U.S. and Europe as the children's director, PTSD counselor, spokesman, and fundraiser.


Solomon graduated from the school of communication at Western Michigan University (WMU ) with a BA in Organizational Communication and a minor in English. He went back to Uganda and worked with Enterprise Uganda as a business advisor for Small and Medium Enterprises. While traveling across the country and talking to small business owners and other job seekers, he noticed a pattern. People were frustrated because they were not supported by any economic development policy. A few of them were educated but unemployed and walking the streets. Most of them talked of leaving their country to find greener pastures abroad. He observed that the two pressing reasons why people immigrate to other countries specifically to the U.S were political and economic. In simple terms, folks want to feel safe where they live and have a better standard of living for themselves and their  families.


In 2009, Solomon came back to the U.S. to connect the dots. He joined his Alma Mater and completed a Masters in International Development Administration. Thereafter, he joined the Global Soap Project currently merged with Clean the World. He worked as a senior development analyst and donor relations coordinator. His advocacy work addressed issues pertaining to environmental sustainability and global health. Today, Solomon is fully devoted to creating management systems and advisory service protocols for NileBridge International as Founder and Senior Organizer.



Solomon is a strategic visionary and philanthropist. He is an advocate for corporate social responsibility and change. He has over 17 years of organizational leadership in both for-profit and non-profit corporations. He designs monitoring and evaluation instruments for diverse international development projects. He harnesses business/client as well as cultivates donor/investor relationships at both national and international platforms. As a social entrepreneur, Solomon continues to build robust partnerships with private institutions, governments, churches and other NGOs. Solomon holds certifications in "Exercising Leadership: Foundational Principles" (Making Decisions Based on the Distinctions between Technical Problems and Adaptive Challenges) offered at the Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University.

 Harvard University.

Solomon is a prolific, sought-after public and keynote speaker.

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