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Nilebridge International was founded in 2009 by Solomon Nkugwa, a graduate of Western Michigan University. The original concept had started as a discussion with Billie Sue Berends, his former Communication Professor at Grand Rapids Community College. The light-bulb went off while completing his graduate studies in International Development Administration.


It was during this time that he expanded the concept through a Facebook discussion with a simple question: Why do people immigrate from their countries of origin to the U.S.?” The poignant discussions, various views, and responses from several participants were not new. They reiterated the historical fact that people will move to other economically well to do countries like the U.S. in search of greener pastures. 


People emigrate as political or economic refugees to feel safe and look for better opportunities. Some who can afford will enjoy visiting, touring, and conducting business in developed nations. Many are motivated by a first-class education, decent work, and a higher standard of living for themselves and their families. As well, fresh graduates and street-smart young adults who cannot find employment in their countries of origin will plan to immigrate especially to America. Many of them come with this notion of seeking and finding the “American Dream.”

Unfortunately, many aspiring immigrants are not aware of the complexities of living in the U.S. Some make assumptions and have high expectations of a great American experience which should be full of promising possibilities. Therefore, it must be better than the experience from their countries of origin. But alas, many who happen to immigrate to the U.S. have their dreams of a better life turned into nightmares. When Solomon looked around for a comprehensive solution, there were some exisiting programs out there. However, most of them ushered new comers to the United States with some orientation but did not offer an indepth explanation of the complex U.S. System. Indeed there was a dearth of knowledge and a comprehensive awareness program about how this System worked.

NileBridge International was birthed out of a question:What if we created tools that explained how to navigate the Complex USA System?

Our founder then asked the question: What if we created tools that explained how to navigate this Complex System?  People would be more Educated, Knowledgeable, and Aware (EKA INSTRUMENT) of their legal obligations as well as opportunities of living in the U.S., even before they land over there. Our online tools accessed anywhere around the world would turn our clients into smarter immigrants even as they choose to study, invest or live in the U.S. Our founder wanted to bridge these gaps between people’s intentions to immigrate to the U.S. and the necessary ingredient to understand and appreciate how the U.S. System worked. He concluded that there was a direct relationship between a smart immigrant or investor who chooses to understand this complex system and their success and enriched American experiences. And so NileBridge International was born.


We welcome all our prospective clients right here in the U.S. and around the world to CLICK HERE AND JOIN US

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