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"The Great American Experience:

Reflections of an Immigrant from Idi Amin's Country "


This is an exciting and insightful book in the making. It is about the life-journey of one engaging immigrant who documents his experiences and observations while navigating the complex U.S. system. The book highlights the struggles, trials and triumphs of a law abiding non-immigrant who sought to become a U.S. citizen so he could participate in world apolitical affairs as a global citizen. In a witty but illuminating manner, the U.S. reader will be re-introduced to the historic and current fact why the U.S. nation and its citizens thrive better when they acknowledge that indeed they are a country of immigrants. Readers in the U.S. and around the world will learn about the impact of immigration policies on well-meaning immigrants and their families.


The book does not solicit for sympathy or empathy even. However it will prompt readers to appreciate the struggles good meaning immigrants go through to gain the U.S. seal of approval for responsible residence and citizenship. Most readers who aspire to become global citizens might be prompted to ask themselves what their role is in the larger scheme of things.

The Immigration Story is a Human Story. How some politicians, pundits and other U.S. natives with extreme ideologies choose to dehumanize this story can be significant. Look out for this book. A poignant read. 

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