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EKA distinguishes Education, Knowledge and Awareness. This tool advocates the integration of these three aspects in order for one to be a smarter and more perceptive International Traveler, Investor, International Student, Non-immigrant and/or Permanent Resident in the U.S. We use this tool to help our clients understand how the Complex U.S. System works. As well, EKA is our foundation for the logic behind all our other advisory services including, international development initiatives, business partnerships and investment opportunities.

The International Student Academic Career is a management system designed specifically for our prospective international student clients. Access this tool today and learn to navigate the complex USA System while you complete your academic career in the USA.

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The Non-immigrant Integration Matrix is a complete training program. A step by step process to unlocking strategies on how to navigate the Complex USA System. Our international clients planning to come to the USA, fresh non-immigrants and immigrants or expatriates; can access this tool at any stage of their stay in the USA. Ask for a representative from NileBridge International or our own founder to come and unveil the NIM System to your immigrant community or stakeholders.

Missionary Strategies for Developing Countries are advisory services to Board Members in North American Religious Institutions who plan missionary work and capacity building projects in developing countries.


Breaking the Vicious Cycle is a motivational program with high impact tools for personal growth and collective change. It is interactive, informative and inspirational. 

The Kitchen Table talk engages both parents and their children in a global conversation. It is designed for families and foster homes in the USA. The objective is to raise awareness about what is happening outside the USA. KTT empowers young people who plan to go abroad for visits, tourism, work or service in the military. KTT  provides tools which will develop their relations and communication skills as they interact or serve better in other cultures as well as become effective global citizens.









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