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Youth Activity Day (YAD) Event



American Youths


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To be posted


9:00am - 5:00pm


Different States, Cities, Towns, Communities, High Schools, Churches, Youth Centers, etc.  

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The Face of the Diaspora(n) Youths

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The NileBridge International Youth Activity Day Events are organized in a safe environment of professionals and expert volunteers. We tailor each event to the specific youth group such as those in the Community, High Schools, Minority and Main Stream Groups, Churches, Juveniles and or Foster Homes, etc. The events are designed to benefit young people from ages 10 to 21 years old.

This program is a research based concept design which mixes hard data and real-time feedback from all stakeholders including parents, guardians, educators and the beneficiaries themselves-who are our very Youths. The results are astounding. This makes us proud to be part of those who engage the youths toward the trajectory of Global Citizenship.



We invite all groups across America who work tirelessly to improve the health of our Youths in the context of their physical, mental, spiritual and psychological development to bring them out to one of our Youth Activity Day Events coming soon to your State, City or Community.


The Youth Activity day Event is an ongoing program in different locations including States, Cities, in various communities such as high Schools, churches and or, local youth centers. It is funded by friends, family members, parents, guardians, colleagues and well-wishers like you!


We welcome and appreciate your generous gift(s) as we engage in this continuous work. Your contributions allow us to collaborate in raising and relating to our youths who live in complex systems such as that of the United States of America.

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Check out what transpired at out first ever Youth Activity Day (YAD) Event which occurred  in Silver Spring-Maryland September 10, 2022
YAD Venue Ideation
YAD Fundraising Drive
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Feedback from YAD Participants
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Using Mobile Phones

The Social Media Trap!

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The Youth Activity Day Event is an Original Concept of NileBridge International 

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The Youth Activity Day Event is Part of NileBridge International 's Kitchen Table Talk---Producing a Young Generation of Global Citizens.  


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