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Immigration-A Human Story

Hello World, despite all the social, political, and economic changes which have occurred globally-and have left some triumphing and others in despair, let's all take a very deep breath. We have survived 2016 and a few have thrived. For those who are gone too soon out of this world, may their souls rest in peace. Strength and courage is what we wish for the bereaved families. For the rest of us, indeed we made it into 2017! We must be thankful. And for that reason, HAPPY NEW YEAR WORLD!!!

But 2016! My goodness. What a Year! Dramatic with twists and surprising turns. A year of seismic social, economic, and geopolitical shifts. Something significant has been happening globally. First, globalization has been tainted as a failure by the very outcomes intended to make the world more connected socially, economically, and diplomatically. The top one percent seem to have benefited more from this concept. The disparity has left quite a few billions of people-some disgruntled and others not knowing what exactly just went on. As a result, we have seen a backlash from the right wing against the left wing progressive movements across the world. We have observed the conservative right wing aggressively advocating for the preservation of their own identity. Their rationale: globalization is leaving out the ordinary blue collar worker in the heart of America. Meanwhile, due to an increase in the economic and political instability, there has been an influx of immigrants from various nations to Western countries. A movement of people from African countries, recently from Syria and other middle Eastern nations to Europe and America is purported to dilute the very idea of White Identity. There is been an outright desire to go back to how things were before the 50s and early 60s. This concern has produced for example, the Brexit phenomenon in England. It has re-introduced a nationalistic style of political campaigning which has elevated an unexpected presidential candidate from real estate Mogul to president elect of the most powerful country in the world-Mr. Donald Trump.

Meanwhile, according to CNN's Fareed Zakaria, Statistics show that millennials and the youths in general welcome the idea of the melting pot. Indeed, it seems as if they believe that an amalgam of different races fosters innovation and robust collaboration. As well, Fareed continues to reiterate what the Centers for Disease Control has just found out that while the USA fertility rates are dropping to the lowest point, there is still high demand for labor in Western countries. Meanwhile, poor, or politically challenged countries will continue to see a brain drain and many of their ordinary citizens moving from these countries to developed nations like France, England, Canada, or America in search of greener pastures. Fareed then advocates for a comprehensive Immigration reform with policies geared towards integration than isolation. In my opinion, this immigration conundrum among other pressing issues like global health or environmental sustainability is going to be one of the tougher challenges of 2017 and beyond. Brace yourselves ladies and gentlemen. So, the crucial question is, then: "Will both liberals and conservatives come to bipartisan terms and find a comity on comprehensive immigration reform that will be more globally inclusive, or is the celebration of identity in diversity on the verge of becoming extinct?"

World, as we all eagerly wait for the answer to that question through the governing style and immigration policy of the new Donald Trump administration, let me introduce myself and what I do. My name is Solomon Nkugwa originally from Uganda-East Africa. About 4 years ago, while completing graduate school in International Development Administration at Western Michigan University, I started a Facebook conversation. It was on the issue of immigration and the simple question was: "Why do people immigrate from developing countries to the USA?" Many of the participants' answers were not new. They reiterated what most of us knew to be true. People moved from these countries to developed countries like the USA to search for "greener pastures." the two most significant reasons were economic and political. People want to raise their standard of living as they improve the quality of their lives. Also, most immigrants desire to feel safe and live in a society where democracy works for the common person. For these reasons among others, I was prompted to do something about it. I founded an organization called NileBridge International.

World, understand that first, my own excruciating immigration experiences I have had to endure inspired me to do something. It is this amazing journey I still walk in the U.S. as an immigrant that prompted me to help others. The knowledge garnered and lessons learned over the years have enriched me. All these aspects of "The Great American Experience,” ignited the resolve in me to continue researching on how the Complex USA System worked. The result of this gradual information gathering has led me to designing the NileBridge International Smart Tools. The objective of my tools is to help people globally who plan to live or are already living in the USA either temporarily or permanently understand how the Complex USA System works. I want people to access and use my tools so that they do not have to go through many of the huddles a few of us have gone through. I want them to understand their legal obligations as well as their existing opportunities of living in the USA. With my smart tools, their assumptions and expectations are managed for enriched experiences and better outcomes. I want people to learn how to navigate the USA system before the fact so that the impact of my smart tools would reflect in money and time saved eventually. As well, I want those who seek International Development and Investment opportunities with the USA and other nations and vice versa, to have available options through our global advisory services.

In perspective, one fact remains and it’s at the very core of what I believe in and what I seek to accomplish at NileBridge International: The Story of Immigration is a Human Story. I strongly suggest that neither the right wing, left wing, conservative, liberal, nor any extreme ideologist should ever dehumanize this story! That is my initial submission ladies and gentlemen. World, now we have to go to work. For further information about what I do at NileBridge International, please check out my website at In the years to come, I will appreciate all your constructive views, opinions, and suggestions. Let me end by wishing all of us an amazing and constructive 2017. To those intending travelers, visitors, expatriates, international students, and transit immigrants to the U.S., I wish you the best. This could be your year. Grab it by the horns and do not let go. Be strong and courageous. I invite you to become part of the NileBridge International Family. As you navigate the U.S. system, let us know how we can bridge that gap between your "21st Century Need and your Satisfaction." From the desk of NileBridge International, I am so excited and honored to be your designated organizer on this very front!

Thank you so much for visiting and reading our blogs. Feel free to peruse what we do. You can also click on the link below to let us know how we can address your 21st century need:

Stories that humanize us-Stories which are affected by the social, political cultural, economic, and psychological winds-How does one navigate through and be triumphant?-How can we use our  stories to inspire and transform others? 

This is the NileBridge International Way. Welcome to our Blogosphere! Enjoy the blogs and feel free to leave a comment or even challenge a view. 

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