Our Vision
  • The Vision of NileBridge International is to position ourselves as the number one go-to company for expertise, management, and global advisory services on how the U.S. System works.


  • We seek to produce a smarter U.S. temporary or permanent resident who is Equipped, Knowledgeable, and fully Aware (EKA INSTRUMENT) of his or her legal obligations, challenges, and opportunities of living in the U.S.


  • Likewise, we cultivate win-win development and investment partnerships between individuals from the U.S. and those from other countries as well as among U.S. government institutions and those from other nations.



Our Mission
  • To offer sound advice to all our clients around the world about how to navigate the complex U.S. system legally, productively and successfully. 


  • To manage our clients' assumptions and expectations for impact outcomes so that their diaspora experiences are enriched and more realistic while they legally navigate the complex U.S. system as international students, temporary visitors or tourists, businessmen or women, those in transition to permanent residence or citizenship.                                                                      

  • To cultivate and create opportunities for international business and development partnerships between the U.S. and other countries. LEARN MORE 


ISAC Management System

Non-Immigrant Integration Matrix (NIM)

Missionary Strategies for Developing Countries (MSDC)

International development and investment partnerships between the USA and other Nations (IDIP)

Speaking Engagements

Breaking the Vicious Cycle (BTVC)  

Kitchen Table Talk (KTT) 

The EKA Instrument

Customized Speeches

  • The Great American Experience:"Reflections of an Immigrant from Idi Amin's Country," a book in the making

  • Vision: "Unlocking your Potential and Discipline for Success." By Martin Ssesanga: Author/Trainer. Martin is our new Global Marketing and Business Officer here at NileBridge International


  • Editing Services: You open a book or text, you start. You don't want to stop because it is coherent and just fun to read. We make that happen in house.


The BEHI Culture, Language and Identity Initiative (CLI) is a Partnership between NileBridge International and Behi Beckmance, a CLI advocate from Ivory Coast (Côte d'Ivoire).

BEHI Project FLAG 1.jpg

NileBridge International Is excited to introduce the Youth Activity Day Event which benefits young people from 10 to 21 years old.

The Youth Activity Day Event.png
  • Isac: Stands for International Student's Academic Career. This is a NileBridge International Smart Tool which provides professional advice and step by step guidance to prospective international students around the world who plan to study in the U.S. from inception to completion. Various packages are available.

  • KTT: The Kitchen Table Talk is an International Cultural Exchange Program designed for both American families and Diaspora children in the U.S. whose parents are from other countries.  

CLI: addresses the current adaptive challenge of how we as a people preserve Culture Language and Identity among ourselves from our own countries of origin first, and second, while we live in the diaspora especially among our children commonly known as the first generation Americans or Canadians or Europeans or Asians or Australians, Etc. 

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