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Martin has encapsulated that the greatest gift given to man is not that of Sight but one of Vision.This is a profound statement; bold even, coming from the voice of one who grew up in the dusty roads of Uganda. He was not deterred by any life’s turbulence---or by his peers and short-sighted role models who poured negatives into him like, "You will never make it…,” “Try something else…,” “You will never graduate…”


Martin’s vision of the future was not only louder than such voices, but it was also greater than the violent times he endured. His survival has led to this point when he gets to tell his compelling story and share his motivational pointers with the world. Martin’s success today is a true testament to the central theme of his book which states that “Without a Vision the People Perish,” Proverbs 29:18. I recommend this simple but compelling read to anyone who needs more than a pair of eyes to imagine and visualize the impossible as absolutely possible.


Solomon M. Nkugwa: Founder, CEO and Senior Organizer of NileBridge International  

Vision: Unlocking your Potential and Discipline for success

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