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Meet Martin Ssesanga the Author of  

"Vision: Unlocking your Potential and Discipline for Success.”

Martin is a member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing from the United Kingdom. He graduated from Makerere University, Uganda with a Bachelor of Commerce. He also holds an MBA from the University of Massachusetts.

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Ray Huizenga, President, Raymond Huizenga Associates

Martin's passion comes through as he invites us all to find our vision. He challenges us to seek the higher calling for which God Created each one of us...I have no doubt that you will enjoy reading Martin's book and perhaps you too, can unleash the Vision and  Purpose for your life .

Thomas BlackWell, International Inspirational Speaker

In his Book, Martin shares his  experiences which shaped him for the better. Martin's Story defies the odds...He did not just survive, But he harnessed his Vision despite the challenges he went through. Thank you Martin for taking the time to share with the universe what you have learned so well.

Solomon Nkugwa, Founder/Senior Organizer of NileBridge International 

The greatest gift given to man is not that of Sight but one of Vision. This is a profound Statement; bold even from the voice of one who grew up in the dusty roads of Uganda...I recommend this book to anyone who needs more than a pair of eyes to imagine and visualize the impossible as absolutely possible.   

"Vision: Unlocking your Potential and Discipline for Success," is a NileBridge International  Premier Production.

Vision: Unlocking your Potential and Discipline for Success.
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