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The Non-Immigrant Integration Matrix

NIM is one of our Smart tools which manages your assumptions and expectations. It provides you with measured and achievable goals towards your legal journey to U.S. Temporary Residence or Citizenship

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NIM is an In-depth training program encompassing

every aspect of the Complex U.S. System. We

welcome our prospective clients around the world who are new to the American System to access our training manual online. We encourage those who are already in the U.S. to invite one of our representatives from NileBridge International to come and conduct a training session with your immigrant or expatriate community. You can subscribe to have a one on one advisory session with us. Also, invite our Founder to speak to your group on how our NIM Tool works.

Clicking on the "Buy Now Button" below to Buy the NIM Management System:

The NIM Tool is specifically designed for:
  • Anyone planning to come to the U.S. while still in their country of origin


  • Those who have just arrived in the U.S.


  • Those living temporarily in the U.S. for tourism, work, or study

  • Those transiting to permanent residence or citizenship

  • American Citizens who would like to understand how the NIM system works in order to serve their expatriate employees, or other groups of immigrants

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